Il Moro e la Siciliana

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Depicting the face of a Sicilian girl and a Muslim Moor.
Preciosa® crystals on genuine leather upper – 100% Tuscan leather soles

Anyone visiting the villages of our island has come across the famous “Teste di Moro Siciliane” (Sicilian Moor’s Heads).
Well, it is rumored that their existence derives from a history of passion and jealousy that took place around the 1000s, during the 75 years of Muslim domination in Sicily.

Here is the story masterfully summarized by Viviana Guglielmino:

in the Arab quarter Kalsa (in the heart of Palermo) lived a beautiful girl who spent her days devoting herself to the care of her plants. One day, from the top of its lush balcony, it was noticed by a Moor who was passing by. As soon as he saw her, he immediately fell in love with her and did not hesitate for a moment to declare her love for him. The girl, struck by this declaration, returned the Moor’s sentiment with passion, but their story, which began with such ardor, was destined for a short life. Soon the young woman discovered that her beloved had to return to the East where his wife and children were waiting for him. In the middle of the night, feeling betrayed and humiliated, the girl abandoned herself to a moment of jealousy and fatal anger killing her Moor while he was sleeping. Later he cut off the head and created a sort of vase in which he planted a basil sprout inside which he took care of day by day. The basil plant grew luxuriantly from the tears that the girl shed daily and thanks to the addicting scent it caught the envy of its neighbors who wasted no time in making “terracotta” pots with the same features as the Moor’s Head.

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