In the same way that the protagonist of the film ‘The Legend of the Pianist on the Ocean’ Christian Greco can be defined as ‘The Cobbler on the Ocean’. It is precisely there that his creations have been coming to life since 2015, on board luxury cruises of the Silversea company.

“The cobbler!” Ecstatic American cruise passengers exclaim, intent on observing poolside Christian Greco who, like an artist, makes precious custom-made jewelled sandals for his customers.

Thanks to the ship voyages, Christian Greco sandals have already arrived all over the world. From northern to southern Europe, the USA, Canada, the Caribbean, New Zealand, Australia and even Iceland and Greenland.

After learning and consolidating the ancient techniques of the Caprese cobbler, Christian Greco is ready to give life to his first, very personal, Sicilian collection.


Christian Greco’s on-demand sandals are made according to your wishes. You can decide how to customise your sandals, from design to colour, from heel to decoration.

You will be able to consult the size guide so that you can make sandals that will fit your feet perfectly. Our motto is: “you design the sandals, we make them…”. – “You design your sandals, we make them.


Christian Greco shoes are made exclusively from Made in Italy materials. The soles are made of 100% Cuoio Toscano leather, the quality of which can be traced by means of a serial number supplied with the pair of sandals purchased directly on the Toscano consortium website www.cuoioditoscana.it.

The uppers, designed by Christian Greco, are exclusively made of genuine leather, on which Swarovski Elements® or Preciosa Elements® crystals are first set and then sewn. Finally, everything is handcrafted according to the required size.